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What you can achieve in 9 weeks!

Most people overestimate what they can do in a year, but underestimate what they can do in 5 years.

Similarly when people are trying to set fitness goals, they want to achieve a total body transformation in a month or two, but don't realise that can take 6-24 months. It all depends on your starting point; and how much time and resources you can put towards changing your habits.

But fear not! You can still see some amazing physical and holistic health changes after just 9 weeks. You have to pay closer attention to your body.

I want to share this adorable audio clip from a zoom session that I had this morning with my client, Eden. (Content note: there is a F word that rhymes with duck in the final 5 seconds)

He told me that he was noticing how fit he felt just by walking around and doing daily activities. I have only been coaching Eden for two months and they already have little to no pain in their lower back!

Eden has lost some weight since beginning their training routine, but it is his new lifestyle habits that have made him feel the difference!

Much love,

Coach Dibs

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