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group fitness class outside the village in Montreal


You ask, I answer.

What types of home fitness equipment do you recommend?

The most budget friendly: Resistance bands & a door anchor.

Level up: Adjustable dumbbell set.

Getting serious: Adjustable workout bench.

All in: Squat & bench press stands.

How are you different from a regular gym trainer?

I'm a non-binary human who is transgender, fully qualified, and looks at your goals through a holistic lens.


Not many trainers out there can use this lived experience of being on (and off) Hormone Replacement Therapy, having and recovering from multiple surgeries, and being a gender expansive athlete.

I also DON'T center weight loss as a goal. My clients are encouraged to focus on building helpful habits, and finding ways to incorporate joyful movement into everyday life.

This doesn't mean I turn away clients who have aesthetic goals in mind. I help folks reframe their goals from outcomes to habits.

I've had a bad experience with a trainer before, will I be safe under your guidance?

The mainstream fitness industry is difficult to navigate, full of toxic masculinity, and promotes harmful beauty standards. It's easy to see how gender non conforming people, fat people, disabled people, and people of colour slip through the cracks, or are outright excluded.

It's my mission to help empower these groups of people to feel confident taking control of their fitness.

It is crucial for me to create inclusive gym spaces that promote positive body image, and self esteem. Working out in a queer friendly gym, with a non-intimidating, non judgemental personal trainer (like me), will change your perspective on fitness!

Do I need a gym membership to see you at (x, y, z)?

No you don't! I work in gyms where personal training is the main activity. You won't find me at a public/chain gym. My fee covers your admission to anywhere I work.

If you want me to see you at a commercial gym that you are a member of, I will likely not be able to arrange that as those businesses have bans on external trainers conducting business on their premises. 

How does online training work?

Online coaching can be done in many different ways. With me, you receive a program with video demonstrations to every warm up, exercise, and stretch.

We keep an open line of communication through your google sheet comments and sticky notes. You are also welcome to send videos of your form for exercises you think you need extra support with.

As for online personal training sessions, you can read this informative instagram post!

Don't have any equipment? Check this out!

Do you teach martial arts? Where can I go to a queer friendly boxing gym in Montreal?

I don't teach martial arts, but I do coach boxing for fitness! I am certified to coach individuals and groups through boxing drills with gloves and focus pads.

Queer friendly, martial arts in Montreal can be found with Black Flag Combat Club. You can see their news and upcoming events on their social media pages.

Facebook. Instagram.


More questions? Send me an email.

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have! Don't hesitate to reach out.

dibs doing pistol squat

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