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Group Fitness

  • Cross-training for sports teams

  • Corporate fitness for team building and employee wellbeing

  • Zoom HIIT sessions every Monday at 6:30pm EST

  • Cost-effective training for social groups

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Group Fitness: Services

Group classes are a great way to BOOST your motivation, create community, and help you stay accountable to your goals.


Classes are available to participants of all fitness levels. My goal is to reduce barriers faced by minorities in the mainstream fitness world. You are welcome and catered for in group classes as long as you show the same respect that you are given.

I encourage you to come to the class if you have ever been discriminated against, or shamed by another gym or coach. We will welcome you with open arms!

In the classes that I lead:

  • People with physical and cognitive disabilities are given the accomodations they need

  • I will not use fat phobic or body shaming language

  • There will be no "boys" weights and "girls" weights. All exercises can be scaled to ability, not to someone's perceived gender

  • You can rest as needed, sing, grunt, pant, take dance breaks, and nobody will nudge you

Group classes are always being added and changed. Be sure to check the TIMETABLE for details on each class. Better yet, make sure you're following coach Dibs on social media for the latest updates and schedule adjustments.

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