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Custom plans: Services
Dibs is wearing black fitness clothing. They are hanging from a horizontal bar with a single arm

Custom programs

Exercise Guidance

  • Convenient bodyweight and equipment-free workout plans for home

  • Comprehensive and customized workout plans to take to the gym

  • Considerate of all injury, fitness level, and accessibility requirements

coach Dibs is guiding a client doing a barbell bench press

Like to work independently but need guidance?

Take the guesswork out of your fitness routine with a personalised program!

With this option you can get a fitness routine that fits your individual needs.


No matter what your experience is, or what equipment you have access to. 

Custom programs can be bought as a one off, or renewed monthly, so you can progress towards your goals without wondering if you're doing the right thing.

dibs fitness prices

The first thing I do with every new client is called a FOUNDATION SESSION.

This is a 45 minute initial consultation where I find out all of the information I need to create the best custom program for you. We talk about any previous injuries/illnesses, your exercise history and relationship with movement, as well as your goals!

The session includes your first custom  workout plan (1 day of exercises)!

I am not giving you a copy and paste set of exercises. Clients who buy custom programs are given the same care and individualisation as those who I see on a weekly basis.

In this session:

- I will recommend the type of fitness regime that will most effectively help someone like you achieve your specific goals.

- You will learn some tips on how to fast-track your goals

- I will answer any questions you have

- You will have your form checked (if you would like)

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