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The 30-Minute Rule

We have all heard that 30 minutes of daily activity can improve longevity. Most people assume that you need to set aside 30 minute blocks of time for a workout.

Scientists asked the question, is it 30 minutes total, or 30 minutes consecutively, in 24 hours?

Good news if you love super short workouts! Researchers found that getting 30 minutes of exercise per day - no matter how you split up the activity - will give you the health benefits promised.

This means you can do three 10 minute yoga sessions, 30 consecutive minutes (or more) in the gym, or mix-and-match; walking the dog, cycling to work, and doing some home workouts throughout the day to hit 30 minutes total.

All movement is good movement! Get your 30 minutes in anyway that works for your schedule and your lifestyle. The more often you do it, the better chance of providing your mind & body with endless benefits.

Happy training,

Coach Dibs



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