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A transgender person is posing topless next to a banner that says heal and thrive, recovery after top surgery by Dibs Barisic Sprem. They are smiling, have some tattoos and are wearing black bonds underwear.
Learn about top surgery from someone in your own community. Progress pride flag to the right.
I'm a queer, non-binary personal trainer, athlete, and consultant. Since childhood I've been involved in competitive (individual and team) sports. Eight years ago I began my social and medical transition. My love for movement led me to study group and personal fitness. However, it was my struggle with the medical system that led me to specialize in working with the trans and gender diverse community. So many of my questions regarding surgery, that I asked health professionals, were left unanswered.
That sounds great! I'm ready to learn what my body can do, and gain the skills needed to get the best results possible.
Luckily I have gathered a wealth of knowledge that is forever expanding and updating, that I can share with you all! Over the last 10 years I have done research, learnt from my own lived experience through surgeries, and worked alongside athletic therapists to refine my skills.   I’m so grateful for the journey I’ve been on and the clients who have trusted me to help them prep/recovery from affirming health care so far. I’ve learned so much, and I’m happy to spread that knowledge. I am a problem solver, an encouraging coach, and my favourite thing in the world is helping people just like you to reach their fitness goals.
Heal & Thrive, Recovery After Top Surgery is a 10-module program that teaches you everything there is to know about transmasculine top surgery post-op protocols.
10 MODULES. Work at your own pace. Watch videos, read information, look at photos from my recovery, and learn safe movements to help gain mobility. Activities & downloads.
What others have to say! Best trainer I've ever had. Open and so funny. I could not have done this without all the workouts over the past two years. Functional training at its best.
Highly recommend training with Dibs! Trans, inclusive, enthusiastic and approachable trainer! Their approach is trauma informed, while redefining trainer training relationships by taking it out of the power dynamic paradigm. And bringing it into community care relationships. The results are there. I'm feeling radiant and strong.
Today and you'll get lifetime access to the hill and thrive ecourse ($297 value). Loads of extras: free, goalsetting workbook valued at $49. Free surgery prep checklist valued at $29. Three monthly group live Q&A sessions x6, valued at $300 Cad. Call value of $675 for just 297 today.
This is for you if you can afford the course without putting yourself in a bad financial situation. You want to know how to move safely, and develop an excellent range of motion. Do you want to clear guidance and concrete exercises. This is not for you if you need a one on one coach or movement specialist. Do you have many injuries that need specific modifications.
I'm not the only one you'll be learning from! I have collaborated with experts in their field to bring you up-to-date knowledge, and information on everything you need to know to support your physical and mental healing. athletic therapists, fashion, designers
Scar work massage therapist, herbalist, Voice coach.

There is a major gap in peer-reviewed research addressing the physical aspects of recovery from chest masculinisation surgery.

Other procedures usually have a substantial amount of peer reviewed articles, and protocols for clinicians to reference, and pass on that knowledge to their patients.

It's frustrating for personal trainers, physiotherapists, etc to progress clients through post-op rehab without clear guidelines like these. That's why I'm focussing on patient education! So you can be empowered with the knowledge to help yourself heal quickly, and with as few complications as possible.

Why train with me? I've had 2 surgeries to get rid of my GG sized chest, and have carved pecs that I'm extremely happy with! I'm a certified personal trainer with almost a decade of experience in the industry. I'm not a one-trick-pony. I'm also a certified Adaptive, & Inclusive Trainer. So I'm always cautious of accessibility, and different learning styles.
I'm a real human, totally honest, and will give too much information, as opposed to not enough. I'm not going to shame you into losing weight for the sake of aesthetics or pseudo "health" reasons. You can be confident that you're supporting a small business that is pro-choice, anti-racist, anti-ableist, and run by an intersectional feminist.  Proudly neurodivergent and ready to change the world!
Featured in: Joy radio, super maker, star observer, Liv like the world is dying, twenty10
Understanding the Healing Process Exercises for Phase 1 Exercises for Phase 2 Nurturing Your Mental Health Scar Care & Management Nutrition & Healing (Not dieting!) Lifestyle Adjustments and Adaptations Building Confidence & Self Acceptance Real Life Anecdotes & Stories Moving Forward: Post Recovery Life
This course provides as much value as 10 weeks of private lessons, or MORE!  You could spend over $700 in Personal Training, & Physiotherapy appointments...  ...OR pay just $297 for hours of content, and lifetime access to the content you need to feel confident and comfortable, after your top surgery.
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