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The future of trans healthcare

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

There is a major gap in peer-reviewed research addressing the physical aspects of recovery from chest masculinisation surgery. Other procedures usually have a substantial amount of peer reviewed articles, and protocols for clinicians to reference, and pass on that knowledge to their patients.

It's frustrating for personal trainers, physiotherapists, etc to progress clients through post-op rehab with

out clear guidelines like these. That's why I'm focussing on patient education! So you can be empowered wit

h the knowledge to help yourself heal quickly, and with as few complications as possible.

I've been working on

this non stop since I returned from my trip to Australia. And I was working on it sporadically for a year before that. All while doing my usual full time hours seeing clients.

My shoulders/elbows/ wrists / hands have nerve pain and muscle cramps from spending gruelling hours on my laptop and phone.

I feel like my eyeballs have to be replaced from all the condensed screen time.

My back is the stiffest it's ever been.

But I have done something that nobody else in the world has done. I've created a course that most medical systems have failed to provide information, and guidance on.

Nobody is producing peer reviewed research on this topic at a rate that they are on most other medical procedures.

This course is for folks undergoing a form of "Top Surgery", or for those who work with patients who have had this kind of gender affirming surgery.

It's available to anyone, anywhere in the world with a few clicks or taps on a screen.

Heal & Thrive, Recovery After Top Surgery is a 10-module program that teaches you everything there is to know about transmasculine top surgery post-op protocols.

The course is self paced and caters to a range of

learning styles.

By the end of the program you will

  • Learn how to move your body safely from the day of your surgery

  • Develop a deep understanding of the healing process, including scar care

  • Have a plan with video demonstrations of exercises that you are confident to perform, and can progress in the future

I'm not the only one you'll be learning from!

I have collaborated with experts in their field to bring you up-to-date knowledge, and information on everything you need to know to support your physical and mental healing.

Knowledge will be presented from/ has been created with:

  • an athletic

therapist from (

  • a Massage therapist/ scar work specialist (@healing.resistance.bodywork

  • 2 designers ( & (@origamicustoms) each showcasing information on different topics

  • A voice coach (@reneeyoxon) - to support your post-op goals beyond top surgery

  • A herbalist (Megan Mullally)

I'm also going to be hosting live Q&A coaching calls every month with each new cohort!



Here's the most important part:

Use the cod

e THRIVE at checkout to receive 25% off!




You better be quick, this code is only valid for the first 2 weeks of the launch. 2 weeks from today!

You'll be able to see all of the hard work Steve from @pureaestheticssydney did

See you inside!


Coach Dibs

P.S. Please share it far and wide. This is just the beginning of the future of trans healthcare.


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