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Heal and Thrive: Recovery after Top Surgery

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Introducing "Heal and Thrive: Recovery after Top Surgery" "Heal and Thrive" is an empowering e-course designed specifically for people on their journey of recovery after top surgery. With a focus on holistic healing, this comprehensive course provides you with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to navigate the healing process and embrace a thriving future. The course is conveniently structured with video lectures, downloadable slides, and interactive worksheets, ensuring a rich and engaging learning experience. No additional equipment is required, making it accessible for participants of all fitness levels and circumstances. Each module of "Heal and Thrive" addresses essential aspects of your recovery journey, empowering you to take charge of your healing process. You'll receive detailed guidelines on the healing timeline, allowing you to track your progress and make informed decisions along the way. "Heal and Thrive" recognizes the importance of mental health and emotional well-being during the recovery process. The course dives deep into these considerations, offering guidance and strategies to navigate any challenges that may arise. Real-life anecdotes and testimonials from individuals who have gone through similar experiences provide inspiration, encouragement, and a sense of community. That all sounds amazing, right? Enroll today!

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There is a major gap in peer-reviewed research addressing the physical aspects of recovery from chest masculinisation surgery.

Other procedures usually have a substantial amount of peer reviewed articles, and protocols for clinicians to reference, and pass on that knowledge to their patients.

It's frustrating for personal trainers, physiotherapists, etc to progress clients through post-op rehab without clear guidelines like these. That's why I'm focussing on patient education! So you can be empowered with the knowledge to help yourself heal quickly, and with as few complications as possible.

“I could see the results of our work right after top surgery. It made a big difference in me recovering quickly”

- Mael (they/them), custom program client

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