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Dibs is my name, and inclusive, accessible fitness is my game. I'm part of the rebellion that's taking on the health and fitness industry right now. The folks who are reclaiming exercise as fun, social, self care, and accessible to all! If you're seeking to heal your relationship with your body and with movement, or if you're after fresh inspiration on your fitness journey, I'm here for you.


What I promise:

I will respect your identity

As a non-binary coach, I understand the importance of respecting another person's identity. I am committed to using affirming language at all times, and I welcome being corrected.

I will respect your boundaries

The fitness I facilitate is fun, empowering, and challenging. Exercise is not about punishment and I am not about tough love.

We're in this together.

I will respect your goals

The mainstream fitness industry wants us to think that the only point of exercise is to change your outsides. Fitness can do so much more. I'll help you find out what your actual goals are and help you achieve them.

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What I can do for you:


Personal Training

With my one-on-one and small group personal training I'll be with you every step of the way.

Custom Programs

Exercise and nutrition plans, personalized to help you achieve your goals.

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Group Fitness

Make movement fun with one of my fully accessible and scaleable group fitness sessions.


What others have to say:

What a SUPER coach! Dibs is the best! Kind, considerate and easy to talk to, Dibs is the ultimate trainer, pushing you hard to achieve your goals while also considering your overall well being. Their high energy is infectious and they create a Judgement free zone for absolutely anyone. I could not recommend them higher!

I love the feeling of total lack of judgement that I'd rather chat than exercise! I also love that they explained stuff and helped me adapt exercises to where I'm at physically (and mentally). Dibs makes the exercise fit you, rather than you fit the exercise. Big bonus- Dibs is fun to be with!

(Sydney, Australia)

(Sydney, Australia)

Dibs trains both my teenage children. The transformations my husband and I see within them both physically and mentally is phenomenal! Highly recommend Dibs as a personal trainer and a mentor for anybody of any age.

Dibs is a super ace trainer, fun, non-judgemental, queer friendly cutie. They're happy to answer any fitness/diet questions you might have, and give you a work out catered to your specific goals. Would deffs recommended.

(Sydney, Australia)

(Sydney, Australia)


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