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dibs pt trainer on blue basketball court. They have white glasses and are flexing their arm muscles.

Meet your coach

G'day! I'm Dibs Barisic Sprem and I'm proud to be part of the fitness revolution. I'm a non-binary human of trans experience. I am an activist, certified fitness trainer, occasional podcast guest, sometimes writer, and full time creator of gender euphoria!

Dibs in home gym. They are in a deep squat stretching their goin and chest.


I have been a personal trainer and group fitness coach since 2017, and spent most of the last decade speaking to businesses about diversity and inclusion.


Inclusive fitness was born out of these two passions, and are very important to my mission: To make exercise fun, social, holistic, and accessible to all!

Dibs, the trainer, is wearing a strong athletic coach shirt. They have a face mask on and are squatting on astro turf whilst explaining an exercise to their client. Two power block dumbbells are on the floor.


The mainstream fitness industry is difficult to navigate, full of toxic masculinity, and promotes harmful beauty standards. It's easy to see how gender non conforming people, fat people, disabled people, and people of colour slip through the cracks, or are outright excluded.

My vision is to empower marginalised people to become strong, resourceful athletes.

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Dibs studied at iPT Australia in 2017 to obtain their qualifications for group fitness and

personal training.


In 2021 Dibs completed their Adaptive & Inclusive trainer certification.

An online interactive course run by Adaptive Training Academy


In 2020 Dibs completed their pre & post-natal fitness instructor certification.

This course was made inclusive for all pregnant bodies by Bebo Mia's consultations with Dibs.


In 2018 Dibs completed their PUNCHFIT Level 1 Trainer course.

Boxing for fitness doesn't involve any fighting or sparring. It is all about getting a good workout for your muscles & your heart!

Dibs is doing a trick in an aggressive quad rollerskate competition. It's a sunny day. They are wearing a helmet and pads. A rainbow umbrella is in the background. The sky is blue with some clouds.

My special skills

and where they came from

Having ADHD means I like to try many things! Some for a short time, and some for a long time.

Whether or not the hobby ends, I usually gather some cool knowledge along the way. My favourite way to learn, is to do!

I roller skate in skate parks, ride bicycles & motorbikes, played soccer for a decade, dabbled in roller derby, did competitive powerlifting, and tried a mud run (to get over my fear of didn't work).

I've recovered from 4 surgeries, including a double mastectomy, finger reconstruction, & ACL hamstring graft.

Not to mention a broken collar bone, rolled ankles, & dislocated shoulder.

If you wan't an empathetic trainer, chances are I have some sort of lived experience related to your injury! As well as knowledge on how to heal safely.

Dibs is sitting on their motorbike at mardi gras. The Dykes on Bikes are around them. There is a rainbow flag on their motorcycle. They are in feux leather pants and a sports bra..
A black woman in dark blue yoga tights in child's pose.
a black woman in dark blue yoga pants and bra is in chair pose with their face down and arms behind their back.

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