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Is Motivation Your Biggest Roadblock?

Something I get told a lot by my clients is that they love their program and the exercises are enjoyable, but they find it hard to motivate themselves to get started.

Researchers have identified four primary categories that motivate people. Some writers call them the four P’s:

- Pleasure

- Prestige

- Payoff

- Productivity

(Ty Bennett and Don Yaeger, The Power of StoryTelling)

Depending on the type of person you are, you could be motivated by all four of these equally, or just one or two of them. People who have ADHD for example a more motivated by pleasure than any other categories.

So how can you use this knowledge to start working out immediately?

If your motivator is pleasure, make sure you are doing exercises that you enjoy, and then once you have solidified a routine, you can add more difficult variations or increase the difficulty slowly.

If prestige is what you are after, announce on your social media that you are getting an exercise program, and record yourself doing the workouts as proof that you are sticking to your plan.

Payoff - make it a ritual to order your favourite takeaway food or drink after you exercise. Or invite a friend over to exercise with you, and then watch your favourite TV show or movie afterwards.

Productivity - if you love saving time, multitasking, and getting shit done... then you can use that to your advantage! Some people put on a podcast and work out until the episode is complete. Don't listen to the podcast at any other time, to keep yourself motivated to exercise.

If you have a TV in the space where you exercise, you could also use the time to watch an episode of your favourite series. Or perhaps call a friend or family member who you have been meaning to get in contact with; while you take a walk or use a stationary bike/rower/elliptical.

I hope this gives you some ideas!

xx Coach Dibs


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