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Empowering Recovery After Top Surgery: Dibs Fitness Launches "Heal & Thrive" E-Course

Dibs is a trailblazer in inclusive fitness and wellness. They are proud to announce the launch of their groundbreaking e-course, "Heal & Thrive: Recovery After Top Surgery."

Designed specifically for individuals within the transgender and gender diverse community, this comprehensive resource aims to empower individuals during their recovery journey and equip them with the knowledge and tools needed for a smooth and confident convalescence.

"Heal & Thrive" tackles the unique challenges faced during the recovery period after top surgery, offering a holistic approach that encompasses physical well-being, mental health, scar care, nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, and more. Unlike any other resource currently available, this course delves into areas that have never been formally addressed before, providing participants with expert guidance and support.

"The primary goal with 'Heal & Thrive' is to empower individuals to take control of their recovery process and overcome any obstacles that may arise," says Dibs, founder of Dibs Fitness and a member of the transgender community. "We wanted to remove the guesswork and ensure that individuals have the knowledge and resources necessary to make their recovery journey as smooth as possible."

The course consists of 10 comprehensive modules covering essential topics such as understanding the healing process, phase-specific exercises, mental health support, scar care and management, nutrition and supplementation, lifestyle adjustments, building confidence and self-acceptance, and transitioning into post-recovery life. Each module is accessible and inclusive, offering written, video format, and auditory elements to cater to diverse learning preferences.

One of the course's unique features is the collaboration with industry experts. Rae Hill, CEO of Origami Customs, provides insights on finding a new style post-surgery, while Renee Yoxon, vocal coach, guides participants through exercises to address voice dysphoria. Manna, a massage therapist specializing in scar work, shares best practices for scar care, and Megan Mullally, a clinical herbalist, offers a comprehensive nutritional protocol for optimal recovery.

Participants in the "Heal & Thrive" course have already expressed their appreciation for the program. Mat Michaud, a course participant, shares, "Dibs has been absolutely fabulous helping me regain mobility and strength after my top surgery! A month later and I'm already pretty much back to my pre-op mobility. Add to that that Dibs is incredibly nice and respectful throughout training! I would highly recommend."

"Heal & Thrive: Recovery After Top Surgery" will be available for enrollment starting the first week of August. To celebrate the launch, Dibs Fitness is offering a limited-time promotion during the first 7 days of the launch.

For more information and to enroll in the course, visit

About Dibs Fitness:

Dibs Fitness, founded by Dibs Barisic Sprem, a qualified personal trainer, and member of the transgender community, is a leading platform dedicated to providing inclusive fitness and wellness resources for marginalized communities. With a focus on empowering individuals and celebrating their unique journeys, Dibs Fitness aims to redefine traditional fitness rhetoric and promote holistic well-being.


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