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You can improve your fitness in as little as FOUR WEEKS by doing regular exercise. Seize the opportunity to get fitter before your operation and improve your chances of a successful procedure, and faster recovery after surgery. By strengthening your core, upper back muscles, and glutes, you will minimize the pain associated with using the post-op binder in the first month of your recovery. The chest exercises included will give your surgeon a clearer idea of where to make incisions so your scars follow the natural lines of your body. If you have already had top surgery, this is a great routine to get you back into the swing of things. Make sure you have waited 2-3 months before beginning a heavy weights program. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: - Resistance bands (loop, or therabands) - Anchor point for your bands if you aren't using a gym - Broom stick/dowel/mop handle/ or something similar (not required but handy) - Dumbbells (a light set and heavy set, or adjustable handles) - Room to lay on the floor with arms in front of your head, and enough space to have your arms out to the side There are some exercises for people who can only do bodyweight movements. Most dumbbell exercises can be imitated by using household items. (depending on your strength) You will learn how to prevent shoulder impingement by balancing out your chest & shoulder exercises with pre-habilitation drills and back workouts. Every exercise has a video instruction.

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There is a major gap in peer-reviewed research addressing the physical aspects of recovery from chest masculinisation surgery.

Other procedures usually have a substantial amount of peer reviewed articles, and protocols for clinicians to reference, and pass on that knowledge to their patients.

It's frustrating for personal trainers, physiotherapists, etc to progress clients through post-op rehab without clear guidelines like these. That's why I'm focussing on patient education! So you can be empowered with the knowledge to help yourself heal quickly, and with as few complications as possible.

“I could see the results of our work right after top surgery. It made a big difference in me recovering quickly”

- Mael (they/them), custom program client

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