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G'day! I'm Dibs Barisic Sprem and I'm proud to be part of the fitness revolution. I'm a non-binary human of trans experience. I am an activist, certified fitness trainer, occasional podcast guest, sometimes writer, and full time creator of gender euphoria!



Dibs has been a personal trainer and group fitness coach since 2017, and spent most of the last decade speaking to businesses about diversity and inclusion. Inclusive fitness was born out of these two passions, and are very important to Dibs' mission: To make exercise fun, social, holistic, and accessible to all!

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The mainstream fitness industry is difficult to navigate, full of toxic masculinity, and promotes harmful beauty standards. It's easy to see how gender non conforming people, fat people, disabled people, and people of colour slip through the cracks, or are outright excluded.

My vision is to empower marginalised people to become strong, resourceful athletes.

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